NWK Arena

Customer magazine of NWK

Since 1968 this customer magazine is supporting producers, shareholders, clients and the broader commercial agricultural sector with its balanced mixture of technical articles, relevant industry news and other agricultural content inherent to the NWK area.

Reader profile:​

Active commercial producers, shareholders and clients of NWK as well as decision-makers in commercial agriculture.


Bi-monthly (February, April, June, August, October, December)


4 800





Mainly in the North West Province and Gauteng (Petit, Randfontein).


By mail, NWK Head Office and selected NWK Retail stores. Digital edition available on the NWK website (www.nwk.co.za) under Media Centre/Publications.


English and Afrikaans

Editorial Pillars:​

  • Technical agricultural articles
  • News from NWK’ operation area
  • General topics that affect the lives of producers and their families
  • Product information

The business activities of the NWK Group include mainly the following:

  • Input supply: NWK Retail, Mechanisation, Midchem (agricultural chemicals), Seed, NWK Omnia Fertiliser Marketing, Liquid Fertiliser, Bastion agricultural lime and NWK Logistics.
  • Agricultural Management Services: Agricultural advice and consultation services, precision farming, agricultural extension services, geographic information systems and an agricultural development initiative.
  • Grain Services: Grain trading, storage and handling
  • Financing: An extensive range of financing products and services are offered such as production accounts, term loans, livestock loans, lime term loans, month accounts and many more.
  • Insurance and financial services (Certisure): Short-term insurance, crop insurance, financial planning, life insurance, medical funds, funeral schemes.