Story of the brand.

The name of our company originates from the combinations of the founders’ surnames: Smit and Schultz

‘The Schmiltz Marketing brand was discovered one evening in 2017 while I was cooking dinner for my family. Like most evenings; I was not in the mood for cooking.

This specific evening the wall mounted wooden spice rack caught my eye. Up to that evening it was used mostly for decoration in the kitchen. I thought by myself: “Maybe if I start experimenting with different spices in my food, I will start to enjoy cooking again.” And so I proved to myself that cooking can be fun – thanks to rediscovering my spices!’

– Ruth Schultz (Managing Director)

Sometimes you just need some “spice” to take your brand forward in the right direction and exciting your target market with it!

Schmiltz Marketing prides ourselves in our excellent customer intimacy – this is our unique “spice” that we bring to each of our client’s brand space.

Our logo icon is a wheel with a variety of spices that keeps on turning – you can just choose your favourite flavour.

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